I'm probably wrong, but...

Selecting random MongoDB objects, optimised with Redis

Redis is a great tool, it powers some of the largest websites in the world. MongoDB too, is likewise very popular and useful.

I maintain fnbr.co, a Fortnite cosmetics directory. It has a very popular feature: the randomiser. Here people can choose a random outfit from all available items. Up until recently, this used to send queries to Mongo which worked ok, but I wanted to improve the performance both on the backend and latency to…

Don't forget Australia! Scaling website out to other continents

In my previous blog post about fnbr.co - a Fortnite cosmetics directory for which my job is to make sure the site is available, responds fast and update the backend code when necessary - I documented the rapid growth the site experienced and scaling challenge that came along with it. In this post I'll cover my usage of Cloudflare workers.

How I scaled a Fortnite website for a sudden peak every day, on a low budget

For the last few months I have been maintaining fnbr.co, a Fortnite cosmetics directory.
My job has been to make sure it stays online, responds fast and update the backend code when needed, ironically I have never actually played Fortnite, so I couldn't tell you why or what people go on fnbr.co for, but trust me they do...

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

Singapore is an island city-state in Asia, one of the things it is known for is its Changi airport. It has won numerous awards for years and for good reason. Not only does it offer a seamless transfer experience and fantastic customer service it also has stunning architecture and is always being improved to stay modern.

Lufthansa Munich to Singapore LH790 Flight Review: Fantastic

In May 2018 I flew on the recently relaunched LH790 Munich to Singapore flight with Lufthansa as part of my trip to Kuala Lumpur, let me just say, it was fantastic.
Comfortable, quiet and affordable everything air travel should be!

Going to the cinema vs. Watching at home

Is it economical to go to the cinema anymore? Why not build your own home theatre? That's a rhetorical question, but there are some valid points surrounding it which I'll get into here.

Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner - Great, but not great.

I recently flew to Kuala Lumpur for the final 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix with Qatar Airways via Doha, and on the whole had a good experience, there were a couple of things that weren't quite right though.

In-flight Wi-Fi, done right: Emirates.

Earlier this year I flew with Emirates to Thailand, we got a fantastic black friday deal, around £330 each return, over the Easter bank holiday. Thailand is a fascinating country and I took lots of photos and put a few on 500px.

The problem

For a lot of people, they are connected to the internet constantly, be it looking at cat pictures on Reddit, keeping in touch with friends & famil…

Another angle for the iPhone X's Face ID

On Tuesday Apple announced the iPhone X and with it, Face ID. Apart from the failed demo on stage (which was no fault of Face ID, rather a mishap in setup for the event) the internet has gone wild with a mixture of worry and joy about the new login method for iPhone. This isn't a post about the security or integrity of the system…


Hello mystery reader and welcome to probablywrong.org, a blog I decided to create because I like to throw out theories but I'm probably wrong.

Who am I?

So who am I? Well my name is Nick.
I am a software developer based near Birmingham, UK. I usually develop things with JavaScript/Node.js but occasionally do Java and PHP work too.

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